ULYS 990 – SL Lazer Kablo Markalama Makinesi

General presentation

  • Highly advanced laser system allowing for the highest speed and efficiency in the business.
  • Longest marking zone in LASELEC’s wire marker product line.
  • Highest laser shot frequency.
  • 355 nm frequency-tripled Nd-YAG solid-state laser-Class 1.
  • Line speed reaching up to 120 meters/min (approximately 400 feet/min).
  • High quality contrast marking that is permanent and unalterable.
  • Auto-Calibration and Self-Adjustment of the laser.
  • Real time energy level control (for contrast) with automatic adjustments to desired specifications.
  • Processes all UV-Markable single-core wires and shielded multi-core cables.
  • Cable length capabilities ranging from 15 cm to 999 m (6 inches to 3,277 feet).
  • Cable diameter processing capabilities from gauge 6 (6.3 mm) to 26 (0.75mm).
  • De-reeling mechanism capable of processing several coils with manual wire feed to meet any of the customer’s requirements.
  • Equipped with cable-tensioning and servo-control drive system.
  • Motorized coiling pan with synchronized coiling speed.
  • Cutting system compliant with all aircraft industry standards.
  • Automatic smoke ventilation system.
  • Compact ergonomic structure with touch screen.
  • Knot and cut detection system.
  • 4 Standard 4-font printing function (2 horizontal and 2 vertical orientations).
  • Standard 45 characters per font.
  • Standard “Source and Destination” marking at wire ends.
  • Adaptability to production needs.
  • Tele-maintenance kit function.

Operator features

  • Multiple data input options: manual, flash drive, CD, or through the plant network system.
  • Multiple production menus that allow different sorting options according to the cable part number, aircraft serial number, etc…
  • Rework mode.
  • Statistical monitoring capabilities through the software.
  • Maintenance monitoring functions utilized through the software.
  • Multilingual and user-friendly software tailored to the customer’s technical specifications (factory network interface, label editing, etc.).

Available functionalities

  • Traceability functions with bar-code scanner.
  • Alternate bar-code printing.
  • Customized fonts.
  • Label printing function.
  • Multi-spool dereeler and automatic loading system.
  • Re-spooler.
  • Coiling pan sensor.
  • Stacker.

Safety standards

The ULYS Modena laser wire marking machines meet European (CE) and FDA (‘Radiation Control for Health and Safety Act’) laser safety standards, making it suitable for use on the open shop floor. The ULYS Modena cable marking systems are labeled CE and/or FDA.


The laser utilized in the ULYS Modena cable marking equipment is categorized as Class 1; the light emitted during normal production is completely confined within its shell, this shell along with a protective window shielding the marking zone prevents the laser beam from causing any damage. The machine presents no danger to the user while in operation. All LASELEC machines are supplied with security breakers on all protective shields that are connected to the shutter in order to block the beam if the hood is opened.


Dimensions of the ULYS 990-SL laser wire marker as shown in the photos above (machine equipped with 10 spool dereeler, automatic feeding system and motorized coiling pan) :

env. 3750 mm (L) x 1430 mm (l) x 1980 mm (h)
approx. 148” x 56” x 78”
Mains supply :

1 single phase line 208-220 Volts – 20 Amp
1 single phase line 208-220 Volts – 16 Amp
Air : 6 bars – 90 psi

Minimal workload

The operating procedure for the ULYS 990-SL Modena cable marking machine is simple and requires 4 steps to operate. Ensure the machine is leveled and connected with the main power supply; ensure that the pneumatic components as well as the cooling system are properly connected.


LASELEC’s laser wire markers are designed to ensure that there is no need for exterior adjustments. The operator is required to:

  • Load or unload the coil.
  • Feed the cable through the machine.
  • Clear the coiling pan.
  • Data entry.


The ULYS 990-SL Modena is officially qualified and approved for use on the production line for all aircrafts of:




















The ULYS 990-SL Modena:

  • Meets CE, FDA and UL standards.
  • Is AIRBUS qualified to Process specification AIPS.
  • Is qualified, approved and listed in Boeing BAC 5152.
  • Conforms to SAE ARP5607 and meets AS50881 (MIL5088L).