Lenght : 730 mm
Width : 230 mm
Height : 300 mm
Weight : 30 kg

Electrical : 230 VAC @50 Hz – 1 IEC standard male socket
Interface : touchscreen, LCD, buzzer, 2xDB9 ( RS232 and I/O ), RJ45 ( RS485 )



Flexible Feeding System

The 2FS- Flexible Feeding System, is a low-cost vibration robotic parts feeder.

It can work in standalone mode or integrated with automation systems.

Compatible with all parts geometry: it can use a blank tray or specific orientation masks to separate and orientate parts in a specific position.

The orientation mask and feeding tray replacement is done without tools allowing a quick purge and replacement of components.

Due to its adjustable backlight and integration with vision systems, it allows a precise and reliable parts’ detection.