Dimensions: 126×150×258 mm
Input Voltage: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
Electrical Power: 25W
Weight: 1.9 kg




  • Increase Productivity for your taping jobs.
  • Movable Sensor can be set at the place where Turntable stops.
  • Possible to set the number of Tape-cutting.
  • Simple and Easy Tape-setting.
  • Bobbin-free structure.
  • Blades are fixed and no need for adjustment. Easy to change as well.
  • Capable to cut tough tapes; Polyimide, Glass Cloth and Acetate Cloth tapes etc.
  • Edge of Cut-tape is sharp and neat.
  • Change the Cut-length and Spacing by knob.
  • Number of cutting pieces can be set.