Lenght : 448 mm
Width : 345 mm
Height : 500 mm
Weight : 30 kg

Electrical : 230 VAC @50 Hz – 1 IEC standard male socket
Consumption : 250 W (peak)
Air pressure : 4.5 to 6 Bar – quick – coupler socket – 8 mm
Interface : touchscreen, USB



Automatic Punching Machine

An automatic system designed to break plastic pins from connectors (punching system) in a fast and automatic way.

It ensures high quality and precise results with burr free cut and undamaged connector’s vias.

It has dedicated tools for each vias’ pattern.

The punching patterns are changeable semi-automatically or manually.

It can punch 2 connectors in each operation.

Combined with this flexibility, it also has a high productivity, since all pins are broken at the same time.

The same machine can be used for different connectors by changing the base plate.