Lenght : 620 mm
Width : 385 mm
Height : 390 mm
Weight : 50 kg
Area of connectors trays : 140×140 mm

Electrical : 230 VAC @50 Hz – 1 IEC standard male socket
Consumption : 500 W (peak)
Air pressure : 4.5 to 6 Bar – quick – coupler socket – 8 mm
Interface : touchscreen, buzzer, USB, LED



Semi-Automatic Seal Inserter

The SASi – Semi -Automatic Seal inserter machine, is a low cost solution for seal insertion, with error proof and automatic insertion of seals.

The machine is completely flexible, being able to work with different seals, connectors and insertion patterns.

For selecting different combinations, the machine has the following quick setup exchangeable components: a connectors tray, an insertion pattern tray and a seals mask. These components are bundled into a pre-programmed reference, which can be later used during production.

The operation starts by selecting which reference the operator wants to produce and then by inserting the correspondent trays into the machine.

In order to avoid any error or wrong combination, each tray is equipped with a RFID tag, which are verified before the operation starts.

If all components are ok, the operator positions the connectors into the respective tray and the seals into the seal’s mask and presses 2 buttons or a foot pedal to insert the seals. All seals present in the configuration are inserted at the same time.

For organization purposes, the machine can be supplied with a storage unit to store all trays.