Lenght : 1350 mm
Width : 1820 mm
Height : 1900 mm
Weight : 500 kg

Electrical : 230 VAC @50 Hz – 1 IEC standard male socket
Consumption : 1.5 kW (peak)
Air pressure : 5 to 7 Bar – quick – coupler socket – 8 mm
Interface : touchscreen, barcode, USB, ethernet and tower LED



Robotic Seal Inserter

RoSI is designed to insert blind seals and/or hard pins into connectors in a fast and fully automatic way.

It has a rotating working area with 2 trays where the operator puts the connectors after selecting the production order, i.e. the insertion pattern and quantity.

The workstation rotates the tray inside and the robot automatically picks up the required insertion tool and the seal feeder shots the seals to the head of the robot into the connector’s via.

It has up to 3 seal feeders, which allows up to 3 different seals per connectors. The entire process is done automatically and at the end, the vision system will inspect the insertion process.

The flexibility is total, since the connector trays’ are designed for quick replacement and the feeders can be changed completely without complex setups, since the insertion tools are not hard fixed to the robot.